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Information valid from July 2023



Up to 3 nameplates or flat items that combined come to a total thickness of 5mm or less in a standard size envelope:



4+ items in a standard envelope or bulky items (such as castings etc.) over a thickness of 5mm but under 25mm in a Jiffy bag:



Large letter up to 750g and 25mm thick or under in a Jiffy bag or recorded delivery:



Special Delivery

up to 100g : £8.00

up to 500g : £9.00

up to 1000g : £10.50



For any larger quantities : price on request




We continually strive to give you the customer the best possible service by providing a high quality product.  Despite our best efforts on occasions we do slip up.  Should you find any of our products not up to standard please return them unused and in the original packaging for replacement or refund.






One of the most frequently asked questions is "How do I fit them..." - here are a few tips:

1.   Always use sharp scissors to carefully cut the plates out of their frets, you will notice all new plates have guide lines as to where to cut, these half etched lines also make cutting the outer fret easier..

2.   Having cut them out of the fret, place them safely in a small tray or

3.   We recommend the use of gloss varnish or 'Klear' floor polish for fixing name plates.

4.   Apply with a small brush, keeping well away from the edges.  This allows for some adjustment if required.


The products shown within this Web Site are NOT toys and are not intended to be purchased as such.  It is recommended that children of 14 years old and under are supervised by a responsible adult when using these products.

Remember, safety is paramount.


Payment for goods may be made by Paypal, Cheque, Cash and Credit/Debit Card. For Paypal payments, please email first for total including P&P. If paying by cheque, please e-mail first to confirm stock availability and total P&P.

Orders via Debit Card under £10 will incur a 50p service charge, as this is what the banks charge us.



When ordering please be precise as to your requirements.  This is very important where variations of the same nameplate exist, eg: R86401b Hertfordshire Rail Tours - 'R' means the loco has been re-named - 86 401 identifies the locomotive and 'b' means the nameplate is black ( see Nameplate Colour Codes for the full list ).  This was the nameplate finally fitted to 33116 which is shown in brackets under R86401b.  33116 in red is shown under Class 33.




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