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Updated October 2019


Please note!.. Due to recent changes in legislation Royal Mail will no longer ship solvent based paint products through its UK and international postal system.. as a direct result of this I will no longer be able to offer paint products by mail order.. collection at exhibitions only

All 15ml JARS PRICED AT £4.00

Reference Description
RM200 B R Light Executive Grey
RM2201 B R Dark Executive Grey (Acrylic)
RM2202 B R Post 1985 Warning Panel Yellow (Acrylic)
RM203 B R Rail White
RM204 B R Rail Red
RM2205 B R Rail Black (Acrylic)
RM2206 B R Rail Grey (Acrylic)
RM2207 B R Rail Blue (Acrylic)
RM208 Provincial Light Blue
RM209 Provincial Dark Blue
RM210 Latest Warning Panel Yellow (Class 66 etc)
RM214 Strathclyde PTE Red & Loadhaul Orange
RM2226 Railfreight /Civil Engineers and Dutch Livery Grey (Acrylic)
RM232 Warning Orange
RM234 Engineers Olive
RM235 B R Post 1964 Bauxite.
RM238 N S E Red.
RM239 N S E Grey
RM240 B R Silver White.
RM241 TPO and RES Red.
RM243 N S E (Later) Dark Blue.
RM244 Silver Grey.
RM2245 Flint Grey (Upper Body Colour for 3 Tone Grey) (Acrylic)
RM246 InterCity Falcon Grey (Swallow Livery)
RM251 RES Grey (Upper Bodysides)
RM255 E W S Maroon
RM256 E W S Gold (Bodyside Band)
RM258 D R S Blue
RM259 D R S Smoke Grey
RM260 Virgin Red.
RM261 Virgin Grey
RM262 G N E R Blue
RM263 G N E R Red
RM264 GW Trains Green
RM265 GW Trains Buff
RM266 Anglia Blue/Green
RM268 GBRf Yellow
RM269 GBRf Blue
RM270 Freightliner Green
RM271 Freightliner Yellow
RM272 Network Yellow
RM2273 Jarvis fastline Blue / Grey (Acrylic)
RM2274 Jarvis fastline Signal Black (Acrylic)
RM290 A R C Mustard Yellow
RM294 Foster Yeoman Silver
RM2300 B R Standard Loco Green (Acrylic)
RM2301 Sherwood Green (Lighter Green on B R Green Diesels except Hymeks & Deltics) (Acrylic)
RM302 Yellow/Green (Lighter Green on Hymeks & Deltics)
RM303 Light Grey for Bodystripes on Green Diesels.
RM304 Warning Panel Yellow (Pre 1985)
RM305 Buffer Beam Red
RM2306 B R Coaching Stock Maroon (Acrylic)
RM307 Early Multiple Unit Green
RM308 Later Multiple Unit Green
RM309 Freight Stock Grey Post 1964
RM2310 Roof Slate Grey (Blue/Grey Stock) (Acrylic)
RM311 B R Crimson (Blood)
RM312 B R Cream (Custard)
RM313 B R Coach Roof Grey (Except Maroon Stock)
RM314 B R Southern Stock Green
RM315 B R Electric Blue for LMR 25kv Locos, also some EM1 & EM2's
RM316 B R Nanking Blue for Midland & Western Pullman Units.
RM317 English Electric DELTIC Prototype Blue.
RM318 B R Golden Ochre (D5579 & D1015)
RM2320 B R Diesel Roof Grey (Green Diesels) (Acrylic)
RM321 B R Steam Loco Dark Blue (1948 - 1951)
RM2322 Freight Stock Grey Pre 1964 (Acrylic)
RM323 B R Freight Stock Bauxite (Pre 1964)
RM324 Pullman Umber
RM325 Pullman Cream
RM326 Royal Train Plum
RM327 Underframe Brown (Early Blue/Grey Livery)
RM328 Ice Blue
RM329 Early Post Office (G P O ) Red.
RM330 B R Road Vehicle Yellow
RM400 Signal Engineers Red
RM401 Signal Engineers Yellow
RM2402 Frame Dirt (Weathering Colour) (Acrylic)
RM2403 Roof Dirt (Weathering Colour) (Acrylic)
RM2404 Light Rust (Weathering Colour) (Acrylic)
RM2405 Dark Rust (Weathering Colour) (Acrylic)
RM2406 Sleeper Grime (Weathering Colour) (Acrylic)
RM2407 Matt Varnish (Acrylic)
RM2408 Satin Varnish (Acrylic)
RM2409 Gloss Varnish (Acrylic)
RM2412 Weathered Black (Acrylic)
RM413 Aluminium
RM414 Polished Steel
RM2415 Oily Steel (Acrylic)
RM2416 Brake Dust (Weathering Colour) (Acrylic)
RM417 Copper
RM418 Brass
RM2419 Matt Black (Acrylic)
RM420 Coal Black
RM2421 Matt White (Acrylic)
RM2422 Concrete (Acrylic)
RM2423 Light Brick (Acrylic)
RM2424 Dark Brick (Acrylic)
RM450 Faded Rail Red
RM451 Faded Rail Blue
RM452 Faded Warning Panel Yellow
RM500 Railmatch Thinners per 15ml jar.
RM2506 Universal Primer (Acrylic)
RM600 G W R Pre 1928 Green
RM601 G W R Post 1928 Green
RM602 G W R Coach Brown
RM603 G W R Coach Cream
RM604 G W R Freight Stock Grey.
RM605 G W R Coach Roof White
RM606 G W R (Buildings) Light Stone
RM607 G W R (Buildings) Dark Stone
RM608 G W R China Red
RM609 G W R Indian Red
RM610 L M S Crimson Lake.
RM611 L M S Freight Grey.
RM612 L M S Freight Bauxite
RM613 L M S Coach Roof Grey
RM620 L N E R Doncaster Green
RM621 L N E R Darlington Green
RM622 L N E R Garter Blue
RM623 L N E R Coach Teak
RM624 L N E R Freight Grey
RM625 L N E R Red Oxide
RM630 S R Light Olive
RM631 S R Dark Olive
RM632 S R Malachite Green
RM633 S R Goods Brown
RM634 S R Wagon Grey
RM635 S R Venetian Red
RM640 S & D Blue
RM645 Caledonian Blue
RM650 Midland Railway Red

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