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ALL Phoenix Paints 14ml Tinlets 3.50 Available at exhibitions only


P10 GWR Loco Green 1928-1945  
P16 GWR Coach Cream  
P17 GWR Coach Brown 1881-1948  
P19 GWR Wagon Grey  
P20 GWR Freight Van Brown  
P21 GWR Stone Number 1  
P22 GWR Stone Number 3 (Dark)  
P30 LMS Crimson Lake  
P38 LMS Freight Wagon Grey  
P39 LMS Freight Wagon Bauxite  
P50 LNER Donacster Loco Green  
P60 LNER Coach Teak  
P66 LNER Freight Wagon Grey  
P75 Southern Railway Maunsell Dark Olive (Eastleigh)  
P78 Southern Railway Bullied Post War Malachite Green  
P84 Southern Railway Coach Green (1930-1935)  
P91 Southern Railway Freight Wagon Brown  
P92 Southern Railway Freight Wagon Stone  
PP101 B R Loco Green Post 1954  
PP108 B R Maroon  
PP109 B R Desert Sand (D1000)  
PP110 B R Deltic Prototype Blue  
PP111 B R Colden Ochre (D5579 & D1015)  
PP115 B R Diesel Roof Grey  
PP116 B R Coach Crimson (Blood)  
PP117 B R Coach Cream (Custard)  
PP119 B R Post 1954 Multiple Unit Green  
PP124 B R Electric Stock Green 1959-1966  
PP125 B R Southern Coach Green  
PP126 B R Freight Wagon Grey (Unfitted Stock) 1948-1964  
PP127 B R Freight Wagon Bauxite (Fitted Stock) 1948-1964  
PP128 B R Freight Wagon Grey (Unfitted Stock) 1964 on  
PP129 B R Freight Wagon Bauxite (Fitted Stock) 1964 on  
PP130 B R Roof Lead Grey for Maroon Coaches only  
PP131 B R Roof Grey (Non-Maroon coaches & vans)  
PP132 B R Rail Blue 1966-85  
PP132W B R Rail Blue (Weathered)  
PP133 B R Rail Grey 1966-85  
PP134 B R Signal Yellow Pre 1985  
PP135 B R Signal Red  
PP136 B R Sherwood Green All Diesels except Hymek & Deltics)  
PP137 B R Light Grey (Side Stripes on Green Diesels)  
PP138 B R Lime Green for Hymeks & Deltics  
PP139 B R Nanking Blue (Blue Pullmans)  
PP140 B R Electric Blue (D5578 & LMR 25kv Stock)  
PP142 B R Engineers Stock Olive Post 1973  
PP143 Royal Train Maroon B R  
PP146 B R Executive Light Grey  
PP147 B R Executive Dark Grey  
PP148 B R Warning Yellow (Post 1985)  
PP151 B R Rail Grey Post 1985  
PP152 B R Rail Blue Post 1985  
PP153 B R Provincial Light Blue (Scotrail & Regional)  
PP154 B R Provincial Dark Blue (Regional Railways)  
PP155 B R Medium Grey (Large Logo Livery)  
PP159 Strathclyde PTE Red/ Loadhaul Orange  
PP175 B R Network South East Light Blue  
PP176 B R Network South East Red  
PP177 B R Network South East Dark Grey  
PP178 B R Network South East White  
PP179 B R Network South East Dark Blue  
PP180 B R Silver Grey Class 442 units and Lower Grey 56062  
PP181 B R Railfreight Red (Red stripe livery)  
PP182 B R Railfreight Grey Raifreight & Dutch Livery  
PP183 B R Flint Grey 3TG & First Two Class 31's in Engineers Livery. .
PP184 B R Falcon Grey InterCity Swallow Upper Grey  
PP185 B R Royal Mail TPO & RES Red  
PP186 English China Clay Blue  
PP193 E W & S / E W S Maroon  
PP194 E W & S / E W S Gold  
PP196 Foster Yeoman Blue  
PP198 Foster Yeoman Silver  
PP208 Mainline Aircraft Blue  
PP210 G N E R Blue  
PP212 R E S Grey  
PP215 Virgin Flame Red  
PP216 Virgin Dark Grey  
PP223 British Steel Blue  
PP230 D R S Blue  
PP231 D R S Grey  
PP244 Anglia Blue/Green  
PP246 Freightliner Green  
PP247 Freightliner Yellow  
PP257 Railtrack Warning Yellow (1999 onwards)  
PP270 Serco Red  
PP271 Serco Grey  
PP276 Railtrack Clearing the way Green  
PP277 Railtrack Clearing the way Blue  
PP278 Railtrack Wagon Buff (2001 Livery)  
PP279 Railtrack Wagon Blue (2001 Livery)  
PP283 57601 Bodyside Silver  
PP284 57601/87002 Bodyside Purple  
PP285 57601 Roof Grey  
PP295 Arriva Turquoise  
PP296 Arriva Cream  
PP297 First Group Magenta  
PP298 First Group Blue  
PP299 Virgin Bodysode Silver (Voyager, Pendelino and future refurbished HST Trains)  
PP300 Virgin Bodysode Grey (Voyager, Pendelino and future refurbished HST Trains)  
PP301 GBRf Blue  
PP302 GBRf Yellow  
PP303 B R Faded Crimson ( Blood) Pre 1951  
PP307 First Great Eastern Blue  
PP308 First Great Eastern Green  
PP309 First Great Eastern Grey  
PP310 Network Rail Bodyside Yellow  
PP311 Network Rail Roof Grey  
PP312 'ONE' Anglia Lilac Blue  
PP313 'ONE' Anglia Turquoise  
PP314 'ONE' Anglia Pink  
PP315 VTG Bodyside Blue  
PP316 VTG Bodyside Grey  
PP317 VTG Underframes Grey  
PP321 'ONE' Anglia Yellow  
PP322 'ONE' Anglia Blue  
PP327 Fastline Blue Grey  
PP328 Fastline Dark Grey  
PP335 DB Schenker Red  
PP336 DB Schenker Grey  
PP350 Midland Railway Crimson Lake  
PP375 LNWR Blackberry Black  
PP379 LNWR Coach Plum  
PP380 LNWR Coach White  
PP950 Light Rust  
PP951 Dark Rust  
PP952 Light Red Brick  
PP953 Dark Red Brick  
PP954 Engineers Blue Brick  
PP955 Roofing Slate Grey  
PP956 Terra Cotta (Roof Tiles etc)  
PP958 Concrete Weathered  
PP989 Concrete New  
PP960 Frame Dirt  
PP961 Sleeper Grime  
PP962 Roof Dirt  
PP963 Brake Dust  
PP975M Black (Matt)  
PP975D Black (Dull)  
PP976M White (Matt)  
PP976D White (Dull)  
PP977 Track Colour - Rusty Rails  
PP978 Track Colour - Oily Effect  
PP979 Track Colour - Weathered Sleepers  
PP980 Red Oxide  
PP981 Dirty Black  
PP982 Weathering (Sooty Deposits)  
PP983 Aluminium  
PP984 Brass  
PP985 Copper  
PP986 Oily Steel  
PP987 Steel  
PP988 Mahogany  
PP990 Weathered Wood (Inside of Wagons)  
PP991 Track Dirt  
PP993 Buffer Beam Red  
PP994 Buffer Beam Vermillion  
PV62 Gloss Varnish  
PV72 Satin Varnish  
PV82 Matt Varnish  
PQ1.L Grey Etch Primer 50mls 7.00
PQ1.SC Grey Etch Primer Spray Can 150mls £7.00
PQ2 Etch Primer Thinners 125mm 6.00
PQ5 General Primer (Grey) 14mm Tinlet 3.00
PQ5.SC General Primer (Grey) 150mm Spray Can 7.00
PQ6 General Primer (White) 14mm Tinlet 3.00
PQ7 Maskex Fluid (50mm Tin) 6.50
PQ8 General Purpose Thinners 125mm 6.00
PQ8 L General Purpose Thinners 250mm 7.00
PQ9 Quick Drying Thinners 125mm 6.00
PQ9 L Quick Drying Thinners 250mm 7.00
PQ10 Varnish Thinners 125mm 6.50
PQ25 3mm (1/8") Low Tack Masking Tape CNA
PQ11 6mm (1/4") Low Tack Masking Tape £2.60
PQ12 12mm (1/2") Low Tack Masking Tape 5.10
PQ29 25mm (1") Low Tack Masking Tape CNA
PQ18 Super Strip. Remove manufacturers paint from plastic - does Hornby, LIMA, Bachman and Replica with ease. 125ml and once used and strained is re usable! Must be tried to be believed. 9.00
PQ18L Super Strip. Remove manufacturers paint from plastic - does Hornby, LIMA, Bachman and Replica with ease. 250ml and once used and strained is re usable! Must be tried to be believed. £17.00
PQ22 Super Weld, simply the best glue for most plastics. 7.00
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